Non-Profits and NGO


Providing translation services to non-profit agencies and non-governmental organizations takes special expertise and attention to detail. ABC Translations is the leader in providing clear and objective localization services to this special type of industry – granting them unique access to a worldwide audience.

It takes more than a typical translation service to convert the materials of most non-profit agencies and non-governmental organizations. It takes a company that is dedicated to bringing this important work to a worldwide and culturally diverse audience. ABC Translations specializes in handling these unique needs with precision and sensitivity to economic constraints and social impact.

Comprehensive translations services from a trusted specialist

With over 20 years of experience, ABC Translations is uniquely qualified to partner with non-profit agencies and non-governmental organizations. Our experienced, highly trained, and socially aware linguists are the best in the industry. Non-profits and NGOs of all sizes trust us for our unwavering commitment to deliver the finest translations for:

Prompt, professional translations that are always on the mark

Our unique and proprietary methods assure that your translation is perfectly accurate and culturally sound. Our highly skilled translators hold advanced degrees and are specially trained to provide text that reflects both the cultural nuances and the meaning of the original text. Let us help you express your ideas to your audience in their native language.