Aerospace & Defense Translation Services

You are the future: you are at the forefront of product innovation. When your ideas reach fruition and become reality, they resonate throughout the world. 

You just have a few “hurdles” to overcome to reach your goal—to reach the top.

And “details” to work through:

Inventory, outsourcing, scheduling & planning, $$$$, RFQs, technology, risk management, etc. 
final product 
going global

Lately, new challenges have arisen, including challenges of increasing costs and changing dynamics. And, there has been a marked shift from government to private sector and the commercial aerospace market. Your profit margins seem to be on a diet: you need to find more efficient means to manage the myriad demands and deliveries.

And now it is time to take your product global.

Linguists qualified in the fields of aerospace and defense

You have invested so much time, money and energy. When it is time to take your product global and have all the necessary components translated into your chosen language(s), you want to ensure that your investment is spent wisely. You want expertise and experience from a translation service provider with a proven track record. Your project is large and complicated, so you need a company that knows what it is doing. 

And, you want a healthy dose of great customer service and satisfaction.

You get it all—and more—at Translations ABC. We manage large, high-volume projects and deliver high-quality translations while keeping costs down. We also manage your glossary of terms either supplied by you or created by us.


Located in the Washington D.C. area, Translations ABC has handled projects for the government and projects for commercial businesses that help fight the war on terror.


At Translations ABC, we have professional linguists highly qualified in the fields of aerospace and defense. Many of our linguists have security clearances and training in defense.