Website Translation

You have 3 seconds.

Only 3 seconds.

3 seconds to capture your prospects’ attention and keep them reading about your business and what you have to offer. Just seconds to grab and hold their attention—to pique their interest.

And, to read further, contact you and become your customer/client.

A great headline and a paragraph—or two short paragraphs. That’s all.

You know it. We know it.

If you have done it correctly for your country and your language—we can do it for you for the rest of the world.

We believe what Mark Twain once said—

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

...and we act upon that belief.

we take your business and present it—word perfect—to the world.

that’s who we are: that’s what we do. Translations ABC believes that “good enough is just not good enough;" 

That is why Translations ABC works only with highly skilled, professional translators who translate into their native tongue. Our translators understand completely the difference between the almost-right word and THE right word.

Professionals working with professionals. That is why we have a 97% client-retention rate.

The moment you launch your website, you have a global business.

How does the world see your business?

We ensure that the world sees your business as culturally correct.

Being culturally correct means you do not inadvertently offend the target culture with whom you would like to do business.

With over 27 years of experience, we know what icons and symbols to use—and, equally important—which ones not to use.

What numbers to use.

And what numbers not to use.

What the symbols of happiness for each country include—and the symbols of death.

We know the correct use of colors. What color signifies the winner, who won the race or the trophy. First-place color in your country might not be the same color in your target country. You do not want to mistakenly create the impression that you are 2nd best because you used the wrong color.

The color for celebration in one country signifies death in another.

We know all this and much, much more: we ensure that your website works well worldwide.

We do not just translate your website: we localize it. Your website contains culturally correct content: your first step to global success.

Do you want your website to work well globally?

We take your business and present it—word perfect—to the world.

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