Subtitling and Dubbing Translation Services

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  • Audio-visual communication
  • Television
  • Films
  • Subtitling—synchronized captions (television, films, live opera)
  • Dubbing

Find out the good news now on how to save while still receiving high quality.

Timing is everything.

  • Have you ever watched a foreign film with the timing of the dubbing off: the mouth keeps moving but the voice has finished?
  • Or, you are watching a foreign film with subtitles. Your knowledge of the source language is sufficient for you to realize that many words/sentences are either missing or miss the mark!

Maddening. Absolutely maddening. It puts you off the film no matter how captivating the cinematography, how intricately woven the plot, or charismatic the characters.

So, timing and precision are crucial to dubbing.

So, too, excruciating attention to detail—an absolute prerequisite to providing subtitling and dubbing services. When other businesses go home for the evening, we at Translations ABC are still checking and double checking that the timing is perfect.

Subtitling and/or dubbing for DVDs and videos?

Translations ABC goes one step further in providing precise and perfect dubbing and subtitling services: we localize according to your specified target country and provide subtitling and/or for DVDs and videos.

Do you know which is better for your product and target country?

Historically, European countries—especially Italy, France, Spain and Germany—preferred dubbing their foreign films. The number of countries preferring dubbing their television programs was even higher—France and French-speaking Belgium, Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland. To sell your product in these countries, you were wise to adhere to their chosen method: dubbing.

But dubbing is expensive and must be done in a studio.

Enter the age of visual media—paid television and the internet—and with them, demand for going global has skyrocketed. Because dubbing is too expensive for all visual media clogging the stratosphere and takes too much time, countries that once preferred dubbing (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc.) more and more opt for the less expensive, less time-consuming means of getting all the visual media to their consumers: subtitling. By changing their preferred format, these countries have now opened the doors for you to provide them with products that have subtitles.

What you must choose: the level of quality you want

Gone are the studios. Enter subtitling software. With the advent of higher demand comes accessibility to subtitling software. And, with the subtitling software comes lower pricing. All good news for you.

We all have choices in life and business. So, too, your choices regarding where to have your subtitling done: 

  • do you choose assured high quality by trusting your product with a company known for high-quality work, expertise and experience?
  • Or, do you choose the less expensive and less reliable route by outsourcing to agencies in countries mainly located near the China Sea and Indian Ocean?

Known quantity with high-quality work and customer guarantee? Or an unknown quantity with unknown quality and no guarantee?

It all depends on your preference: a good-night’s sleep/many good nights’ sleep or your perceived thicker pocketbook? Which do you choose?

The highest-quality deliverables do not mean paying the highest prices

Life is full of sweet surprises.

What surprises many of our clients at Translations ABC? That highest-quality deliverables do not mean paying the highest prices. 


Because we at Translations ABC keep our overhead costs low. 

We also keep costs low because we have been providing language services for over 35 years. We took the churn of inexperience away many years ago. 

We also keep only the best, the most professional linguists in our database. We have a large database of over 4,000 of the best professional linguists available—all our linguists are rigorously screened by us and have an advanced degree and/or certification. 

By using our services, you can still save money subtitling some of your products and use dubbing for special products.