Pharmaceutical, Medical & Life Sciences Translation Services

The need for highly specialized, expert, and accurate translations for the pharmaceutical, medical, health, and bio-tech communities has increased in the past several years, and we at Translations ABC have risen to meet the challenge.  

We offer the world’s first and only Life Sciences localization specialty services – where all of your diverse needs for global translations can be handled at one place… on time and on budget.

Question for you: If you have to have open heart surgery, who would you choose to operate on you? A highly specialized heart surgeon? Or a general practitioner working in a heart institute? Would you choose the specialist or the institute? 

That’s a no brainer, right?

The same holds true for translation of your scientific or medical projects: Do you entrust your life’s work into the hands of a person highly specialized and/or certified in your field of medicine or science? Or, do you put it into the hands of an agency/translator with general certification but not necessarily specialized in your field?

That should also be a no brainer. However, there is a misconception regarding who or what should be certified when translating medical and scientific material and/or clinical trials.

Specialists in your field of expertise

When you require your work to be certified, in order to get the VERY best work done, you must use specialists in your field of expertise, not translators with just general certification, and not even agencies with ISO certification.

What is the difference? 

Translators with general certification from a professional organization have passed general language tests. Although that is an excellent accomplishment, there is no guarantee they are specialized in any certain field of expertise.

The other group comprises ISO-certified agencies formally acknowledged to be using good business practices. This is also an excellent accomplishment, but there is no guarantee these agencies have access to the best translators for your projects—your life’s work.

What you need for the highest-quality translation are translators with specialized knowledge in a certain field. These translators have a formally acknowledged specialization, usually with advanced degrees in their specialization, in addition to the certified language pair in which they are working: they belong among the best of the best. THEY are the ones to whom you should entrust your work.

Enter Translations ABC. We have a global network of over 4,000 professional linguists in our database—linguists with advanced degrees in an area of specialization and/or certification. Our professional linguists are rigorously screened and tested by us before being included in our database. We demand only the best, the highest quality from them—and they deliver. 

Our linguists have stood the test of time

35 years. 97% client retention rate. Translations ABC is honored to have a 97% client retention rate throughout our 35 years in the translation service business. Our clients stay with us for all the obvious reasons: highest-quality, on-time deliverables, great customer service, and budget-pleasing rates. 

What Translations ABC offers you in the medical and science fields

When you choose Translations ABC for your clinical, scientific or medical translations, we give you the following to ensure that you receive the best translations possible and the peace of mind you require:

  1. Information regarding the credentials and experiences of the translators who will work on your project. (A certified agency doesn’t guarantee a certified translator.) 
  2. An outline and tracking of our very structured translation methodology to ensure the highest-quality translations possible. We employ stringent Quality Assurance/Quality Control standards to our translation methodology—structured QA/QC protocols throughout the translation process which provide a check and balance system designed to ensure the highest-quality translation is delivered. For an overview of our methodology, please contact us.
  3. Minimum costs with maximum quality. We can keep costs at a minimum while using the best resources. Turn things around quickly; however, we are honest about what is humanly possible without sacrificing quality.

What others in the Medical & Life Sciences field say about Translations ABC

Beyond pleased

"I found Translations ABC without any referral or recommendation, and it's true what they say about first impressions. From my initial communications with Jodi reviewing the specs for our multilingual translation project, I knew my company was in the hands of professionals. Not only was I beyond pleased with the quality of deliverables and quick turnaround time, but also ABC's level of customer service, which is just as, if not more, important. Jodi was truly committed to our project and kept me up to date from start to completion. She was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely look to her company as future needs arise."

Brandy L. Washington
Marketing Specialist
Seamon Corporation

Essential service to conduct business with the world

"As a producer of Live Medical Video Transmissions from all parts of the globe, I am often seeking assistance with document translations, and hiring local interpreters.  For this, I have always contacted Translations ABC and have always received excellent service. There are many particular aspects to this specialized industry: Medical, Legal and Technical documents are composed using specific terminology – or often using a particular dialect within a language. These specific issues cannot be overlooked, and Translations ABC has the resources to address them. Documents are translated in a timely manner, and onsite interpreters are knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

In short, Translations ABC is an essential service to conduct business with the world."

Robert Langford
Med-Scene, L.L.C., USA