Professional Editing and Proofreading Services

Translations ABC provides proofreading and editing for translations done by outside sources. We focus on the relevant—consistency, accuracy to source, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax—not stylistics.

Of course, when Translations ABC does the translation, we incorporate the Quality Control process as part of our guarantee of the highest-quality work.

Every translator, every translation—every article or web page written—needs the keen eye of a professional with an extreme attention to detail.

The final step ensures source text has been accurately translated into the target language and locale.

It is all about Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA).

So, what is done?

  1. Assemble and condense translation pieces into one document to match the source document.
  2. Check for correctness of:
    • context,
    • nuances,
    • grammar,
    • typos, however rare,
    • consistency,
    • correct spelling/punctuation for locale language (e.g., English—US, GB, CA / Spanish—ES, LA / German—DE, BE, CH / French—FR, CA).
  3. Incorporate graphics and ensure text is placed properly within graphics or images.

What is Translations ABC QC process?

For the QC process, Translations ABC employs a second linguist—someone who holds the same expertise as the translator doing the initial translation—to ensure the highest-quality deliverable. If our clients prefer to use a different word or phrase, we comply as long as these requests meet the standards of our industry and do not distort the meaning of the source text.

What types of professional English editing does Translations ABC do?

The types of editing include

  • copy editing,
  • proofreading,
  • stylistic editing,
  • substantive editing,
  • rewriting.

In detail:


Qualitative changes in a word-processing program (e.g., MSWord):

  • grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, some necessary stylistics, potential cultural issues,
  • smooth out the bumpy parts in a writer’s prose, correct syntax,
  • suggest structural and sequential changes for better clarity and consistency,
  • compile stylesheet to ensure correct spelling and consistency—e.g., use of uppercase with proper nouns. (Spell-checking programs are useful but fallible.)


Quantitative changes in an electronically marking-up format (e.g., PDF)

  • correction, not revision—check that all suggested corrections were incorporated,
  • check of final product—ensure no typographical errors introduced in production stage,
  • ensure correct captions are under images,
  • check page numbers, chapter titles, headers, footers,
  • final check for grammatical errors or egregious errors overlooked or introduced during the final phase.

Stylistic editing

  • Help you produce a jargon free, clear message to your target audience.
  • Adjust writing to targeted audience and reading level.

We also edit various forms of English for spelling, terminology, punctuation: US, GB, AU, NZ, SF, IN, SG.

Being sensitive to your target locale = being truly global in mind and spirit.