You specialize in finance and accounting, so let’s talk numbers.

How many financial terms does a person “need to know” and be able to use in order to really understand the world of finance and accounting? 10 very essential? 25? 35? Some say 1,000. 

When dealing with international finance, the “really need to know” goes higher.

Investopedia has 13,000 terms. 13,000—and counting. 

How many terms to be an expert? 

How many terms does a linguist need to know when translating financial projects?

What about discussing the European stress tests on EU banks and how the results impact the international market and businesses borrowing from these banks? The banks need to know. Corporations need to know. You need to know.

What about the Altman Z-score? How can anyone understand finance unless they know about the Altman Z-score, why it is used, what score the banks got and their impact on international business?

Enter Translations ABC, a translation service provider with linguists who specialize in the finance and accounting industry. You choose the country: we have professional, accredited linguists who can help you. Our linguists are familiar with the standards within the target country with which you have chosen to do business. They understand the tax and/or accounting procedures both in your source and target countries. 

Let us pause a moment and digest that: our linguists understand the tax and/or accounting procedures of your country and can accurately translate into the target language. That is an amazingly very big deal. Even between the USA and Canada, both speaking almost the same language, the tax and/or accounting procedures differ significantly in areas. For those not specializing, it is a nightmare.

Best in the field of finance. Translations ABC has rigorously screened and tested professional linguists during its 27 years in business and has a database of over 4,000 professional linguists in over 200 language combinations. And we have professional linguists with advanced degrees and/or certification in the field of finance and accounting: linguists who meet—and exceed—your requirements. 

  • ranked the best in the field of finance
  • accurate, precise—allows no room for error
  • meticulous with formatting

Not only that: they keep current with international financial affairs that affect their country—and yours.

We also have experts to create graphs, charts and perform conversions into/from currencies.

Just read what this expert says about us:

"Translations ABC has been instrumental in helping us better reflect our global brand through translated materials. The team at ABC is always responsive and professional while working with staff from across our organization, and the translations are consistently high-quality."

Andrew Eder, Senior Manager
Marketing and Communications

Remember, the number of these extraordinarily knowledgeable linguists is finite. They choose to work with Translations ABC because we treat them with the utmost respect as we treat you, our customer. 

They speak your language. So do we.

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