Marketing & Advertising Translation Services

Mark Twain reputedly said: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Nowhere—NOWHERE!—is this statement more defined than in marketing and advertising.

You have worked hard to find the perfect words for advertising. They work well. Marketing is creativity with an end goal.

Your numbers are up because of these perfect words. People respond to perfect words: words that motivate them to action. 

Now you want to take your marketing and these wonderful advertisements to other countries.

Your perfect words—equally perfect in another language

Your challenge: ensuring that your perfect words are equally perfect in another language. Those perfect words alone do not cut it: there must also be sensitivity to the target culture—knowing what works well and what to avoid. There must be the striking combination of words, symbols, numbers and colors to create the perfect marketing material.

Translations ABC knows that it takes a special translator to work with marketing material. The translator must know—know deeply—the culture and nuances of both the source and target languages. 

And, the translator must be a creative writer, always searching for the perfect words, as you did for your original copy.

Choose from sample translations

Translations ABC has a tried-and-true process for you. We select two–three experienced and previously screened translators to translate a sample marketing piece. You choose which one of the three translators best catches your voice, your goal.

You can do this selection by using SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in the target country. If you, as yet, do not know any, Translations ABC will help you here also.

Our goal equals your goal: the best translation for your marketing material—the words motivate the market to take action. Perfect.