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Your projects are complicated, intricately detailed, and highly specialized. Accuracy and perfection are not options: they are imperatives. One carelessly placed decimal, one inaccurate conversion or one incorrectly diagnosed result, and your project could end in failure.

When you need a translation service provider, you demand the same level of accuracy, precision, perfection and specialization. You require a translation agency that honors and respects these imperatives, a company that not only strives but succeeds in maintaining your high level of professionalism.

When you need your complex translation projects to be done seamlessly by professional linguists specialized in your scientific field, contact Translations ABC. We have spent over 27 years building up a successful business founded on these same principles upon which you do your work. Our company has built up a database of over 4,000 professional linguists with advanced degrees and/or certification covering over 200 language pairs. Before being placed in our database, we carefully screen our linguists as you carefully and meticulously work in your specialty. 

Our linguists are qualified, educated, meticulous, and precise.

We understand how critical it is to your success that we only employ linguists who hold advanced degrees and specialize in your required field of science. For almost three decades, Translations ABC has shown time and again how we manage complex projects that flow seamlessly using a professional translation team perfectly suited to your requirements.

Impeccable work:

"The team at Translations ABC lead by Jodi were very accommodative to our tricky translation needs right from the beginning. They took the time to understand our specific requirement and helped translate documents in Spanish from 7 different countries to English. Also they translated documents from English to other languages. The text had industry specific terminology and acronyms, which was translated to our complete satisfaction. Importantly, the work was impeccable and always within agreed timelines!  We would go to Translations ABC for any translation needs, both for their great work and accommodative service."

Raghu Vamshi
Senior Project Specialist - GIS
Waterborne Environmental, Inc.

We take your business and present it—word perfect—to the world.

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Translations ABC offers a small sample translation free of charge, per client request. Then, when you hand over your project to us, you do so worry free.