Professional Transcription Services

Think of a transcription service of any type. Now think of a source file format.

We do those.

Time always seems in short supply. Even in the 17th Century, time was given thought—expressly, fleeting time. Marvell wrote about fleeting time in one of his poems: “But at my back I always hear, Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.”

Marvell wasn’t writing about time relating to work. But we are—more specifically about your need to have something transcribed “by yesterday”.

What type of transcription service do you need?

  • Transcription work for Federal or District Court?
  • Medical Dictations and Reports?
  • Training Seminars or Videos?
  • Lectures?
  • Conferences?
  • Audio to written text or audio from a video into written text?
  • Video/Recordings: Podcasts, Webcasts, Interviews, Telephone Calls, Public Speaking?
  • Police reports?

We do that.

What format is your source file in?

  • old-fashioned?
    • micro or mini cassettes
    • tapes
    • audio cassettes
    • VHS
  • DVDs?
  • digital?
    • DAT
    • CD
    • MPEJ
    • MP3
    • RA
    • large? very large? or small?

We do that.

And, by using the latest transcription technology, we provide fast turnarounds—reducing transcription time, delivering faster, and saving you money.

Who are we? We are Translations ABC. Far from being the new kid on the block, we have been in the language service industry for over 35 years: over one generation ago! We have a database of over 4,000 professional linguists—professionals with advanced degrees and/or certification. Professionals rigorously screened by Translations ABC before their names are entered in our database.

What are we known for? Besides superior customer service and faultless dependability, we are renown for our highest-quality, on-time, within budget deliverables.

Who says so? Our clients. We have a 97% client-retention rate. 97%.

Join our list of satisfied clients. Contact us.

Then relax knowing that what you need done will be done to your specifications and agreed-upon timetable.