Technical Translation Services

When it comes to translating technical records, reports, documentation, images—technical information and material on all levels and in any format—, specialization, precision, perfectionism are NOT simply “nice to haves”. They are absolute imperatives. Incorrectly translated technical documents result in potentially disastrous consequences.

You need a translation company that proactively creates a glossary of technical terms specific to your project. 

You need a translation company with a database containing screened and approved industry-specific linguists for your technical text. Professional linguists with advanced degrees and/or certifications: linguists who understand explicitly the details in your technical material. 

You need to hand over your project to a company experienced with:

  • complex image files,
  • complex graphs,
  • charts,
  • conversions.

What a difference a centimeter makes! (Or, nautical mile: reference Columbus below.)

Speaking of conversions:

  • If Columbus had used Translations ABC, he would not have made the mistake of landing in the Bahamas instead of Asia: he used Roman miles instead of nautical miles. (Do you know the difference? We do.)
  • If NASA had let Translations ABC check its conversions, we would have known the US and UK use different units of measurement, would have ensured that all conversions were correct, and NASA would not have lost its 125-million-dollar Mars orbiter.

Okay, so we could not have helped Columbus…

But we can help you, just as we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients over our 35 years in the translation services business.

What others say about Translations ABC's technical translation services

Best customer service

"I use Translations ABC for translations in multiple languages. ABC has proven their commitment to high-quality translations by working intensively with me to meet the needs of our specialized technical documents. Their translations are excellent, and the customer service is the best I have received from any translation service."

Hannah Schiff
Project Coordinator, Enterprise Development
ACDI-VOCA, Washington D.C.

Impeccable work

"The team at Translations ABC lead by Jodi were very accommodative to our tricky translation needs right from the beginning. They took the time to understand our specific requirement and helped translate documents in Spanish from 7 different countries to English. Also they translated documents from English to other languages. 

The text had industry specific terminology and acronyms, which was translated to our complete satisfaction. 

Importantly, the work was impeccable and always within agreed timelines!  We would go to Translations ABC for any translation needs, both for their great work and accommodative service."

Raghu Vamshi
Senior Project Specialist — GIS
Waterborne Environmental, Inc.

7,500+ pages of time-sensitive translation

"After an extensive market survey of available resources to meet our needs, we selected ABC to translate 7,500+ pages of technical manuals and training materials into Castilian Spanish.  Working during a compressed holiday timeframe, ABC assembled a qualified team and worked to achieve our aggressive schedule.  At the appointed time to deliver our vehicles, ABC was ready with all of the required documentation.

CSI is extremely pleased with the quality, professionalism and level of communication demonstrated by ABC throughout this critical process and would not hesitate to endorse their consideration for provision of time-sensitive translation services."

John Wesley White
Director of Contracts
Critical Solutions International, Inc.