Linguistic Validation Services

Through our strict linguistic validation process, we give our client piece of mind and reassurance that the translation is valid and can be understood by the patient or target population typically taking an active role in a study.

What is linguistic validation?

Put simply, linguistic validation is a process during which a translated text is tested in real time with patients in the target population through cognitive debriefing. That is, the patients are asked relevant questions regarding the ease of use and ease of understanding of the translated text.

Where is linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing crucial?

Linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing center around the health and research fields, including:

  • Patient questionnaires
  • Patient-reported outcome (PRO)
  • Validity of research data
  • Clinical Trials
  • FDA recommendations

The goal of translation: complete and easy comprehension for the target audience.

Our review process

To attain such a goal, Translations ABC has set up a rigid review process to eliminate any potential comprehension issues in the target region. Our strict translation methodology consists of several steps that our teams of translators must follow. 

We are also sensitive to the cultural context and content critical for the target audience.

Goal achieved: client relieved. Our clients leave anxiety at the door. Get to know that feeling.

What others say about Translations ABC's linguistic validation services

Beyond pleased

"I found Translations ABC without any referral or recommendation, and it's true what they say about first impressions. From my initial communications with Jodi reviewing the specs for our multilingual translation project, I knew my company was in the hands of professionals. Not only was I beyond pleased with the quality of deliverables and quick turnaround time, but also ABC's level of customer service, which is just as, if not more, important. Jodi was truly committed to our project and kept me up to date from start to completion. She was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely look to her company as future needs arise."

Brandy L. Washington
Marketing Specialist
Seamon Corporation