Multimedia Localization Services

The strength of being a small company centers on our exquisite ability to keep pace with the forever-rapidly changing forms and features of multimedia.

Picture a cheetah.

Lean and f-a-s-t, unencumbered by excess weight, the cheetah turns on a blade of grass.

Now picture a tank.

Powerful but slow to change course, its vision encumbered by protective barriers. At times it seems driven along by inertia. 

Large translation providers often resemble powerful tanks: slow to change.

Translations ABC is a cheetah. One of our core strengths is our ability to keep pace with these rapidly changing times and change course quickly in our world of technically savvy clients.

We help our media clients share their stories fast globally via the web, cloud, videos, television, newspapers, and magazines. We have over 4,000 professional linguists in our database comprising more than 200 languages: everything done with speed and extreme accuracy.

We overcome difficult obstacles by using a creative process. We create audiovisual text by combining various modes including language, image, color, and perspective. Many universities have incorporated audiovisual or multimedia translation into their curriculum. We do that in many languages.

Another Translations ABC strength? Because we are small (we say efficient), we offer the same multimedia services as those above-mentioned tanks but with very competitive prices.

Nothing to slow us down: nothing to reduce efficiency.

When time is critical and the world is waiting to hear from you, choose a cheetah.