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You want to get it “just right” for your students/trainees. There never seems to be a final edit until it is almost too late to get it translated and delivered on time.

At Translations ABC, we understand the need for “as close to perfection as possible” and we respect you for it. So, we help you achieve your goal by allowing staggered deliveries: as you finish the first section, we send it off for translation. 

We even deliver it to your training center. You cannot get better service than that!

We work with you on form and format beforehand: PPT modules, presentations, e-learning, storyboards—whatever format you need, we have done it and can do it for you. We ensure that any special terms are put in a glossary, so there is consistency throughout.

And, we provide on-site interpreters for your training courses—interpreters who meet your expectations and requirements, and who are guaranteed by Translations ABC rigorous screening process.

27 years. 4,000 professional linguists. Those numbers matter when you are looking for a serious, reliable translation agency. Translations ABC has been in the translation service business for over 27 years and has compiled a database of over 4,000 professional linguists with either advanced degrees and/or certification. Our linguists have been rigorously screened by Translations ABC for competency, integrity, reliability, and specializations. 

Because Translations ABC works hard—very hard—to provide the best service to you, our customer, we have over a 97% customer retention rate. Few, if any, translations companies can state such customer loyalty—loyalty we deeply appreciate and continually strive to deserve.

"I started working with Jodi and Translations ABC a few years ago, and they have become my go-to company for all sorts of translations. Whether it’s for legal documents, or customer and website materials, Jodi and her team always come through, quickly and within budget. And after the project is complete, I can expect a follow-up to make sure that everything was done to our satisfaction. I highly recommend Translations ABC for this work."

Allen Brandt
Corporate Counsel, Chief Privacy Official
Director, GMAC MET Fund

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